1981 L’Homme, both novelty and a nod to the founding of Guess

1981 L'Homme, both novelty and a nod to the founding of Guess
1981 L’Homme, both novelty and a nod to the founding of Guess

1981 Man, Guess gives us part of his story

The Guess house was founded in the 80s and today represents a modern and universal lifestyle. Whether through its clothes or its fragrances, Guess is an empire of international luxury which combines a wide variety of creative horizons with skill, in order to seduce the greatest number. Guess items are sometimes casual or in the past they are much more sophisticated. From city to province, Guess addresses every man and advocates diversity. It is therefore precisely all these elements that can be found in its 1981 Homme fragrance , a tribute to its history.

Who is the man who embodies 1981 Homme?

1981 Homme is a perfume intended for a contemporary, young and sexy man. On the screen, this image is embodied by Alessandro Dellisola, an Italian model, well known to Guess, and whose collaboration continues to renew itself. In perfect harmony with the spirit of Guess, this man possesses a daring attitude, bordered by relaxation and playfulness. 1981 Homme is all at the same time: the natural charm of the Mediterranean, the French elegance and the vivacity of America.

1981 Man, a nod to the founding of Guess

Before talking about this perfume itself, let’s dive back into the history of the Marciano brothers, founders of Guess. Born in Morocco, they grew up in Marseille and studied fashion very early on. In 1981, they decided to try their luck across the Atlantic by making jeans with a very European style. Quickly, success was at the rendezvous, in particular thanks to the Marilyne jeans, worn by many models with world renown. If Guess is now known around the world, it was in 1981 that it all started. The 1981 Homme fragrance therefore pays homage to this period.

1981 Homme, an authentic and woody juice

1981 Homme is an everyday fragrance that lends itself very well to all types of occasions. It soars with vegetal and fresh notes of violet leaf and Italian bergamot. In this sense, it pays homage to the Mediterranean origins of the founders of Guess. Then, his heart affirms his masculinity even more. Cedar wood occupies an important place, as well as oak moss. Ambergris reinforces its animal side and its sensuality, while still being refreshed by the fruity exoticism of lychee. At its base, 1981 Homme displays a more leathery and seductive breath. Amber, incense and vanilla float behind it a more warm and addictive scent.

The sober but contrasting bottle of 1981 Homme de Guess

1981 Homme is presented to us in a bottle that is both sober and elegant. In contrast, this container marks the audacity of the man who wears the perfume of Guess. Its cylindrical base collides with a more octagonal cap. Its transparency is confronted with a more opaque brushed metal. The whole nevertheless preserves a deep uniformity, in particular thanks to the omnipresent gray color, not only elegant, contemporary and very masculine.

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