Biotherm – Body Refirm Anti-Cellulite Oil

Biotherm Anti-Cellulite Body Refirm
Biotherm Anti-Cellulite Body Refirm

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Biotherm – Body Refirm

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Body Refirm is an anti-cellulite modeling oil. It benefits from a sensory, supple and at the same time rich texture. Its advantage is that it is non-sticky. Body Refirm has been specially designed for easy massage and to provide maximum efficiency. It also diffuses a delicious fragrance with energizing aromas.

Body Refirm is a perfecting oil which acts against cellulite thanks to a smoothing & firming action. It will also facilitate the elimination of toxins and will accelerate lipolysis. It is also hydrating.

Body Refirm is aimed at all women who wish to eliminate the visible appearance of cellulite. And of course for all those who prefer the sensoriality of oils to creams. Its fine oil texture brings suppleness and softness to your skin.

Biotherm visual
Biotherm visual

Composition – Body Refirm

Seaweed rich in Astaxanthin: anti-oxidant, firming, facilitates blood circulation.

Vitamin E: Anti-oxidants

Application – Body Refirm

1 – Apply oil from the knees to the top of the thighs.

2 – Perform a palpate-roll.

3 – Keep the fold and go up to the top of the thighs.

4 – Make crabs using the flat of the fingers.

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