CK One Gold, our expert opinion

CK One Gold, our expert opinion
CK One Gold, our expert opinion

CK One Gold, the new jewel from Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein decided to launch into perfumery in 1985. Nevertheless, he revolutionized this field in 1995. Indeed, it was on this date that the emblematic CK One appeared, a mixed and transparent juice totally in the air of his time and having been able to capture the androgynous tendency of his time. Also, it returns in an even more luxurious version called CK One Gold .

The refined aestheticism of the new Calvin Klein bottle

If CK One Gold is currently being talked about so much, it is because it is already proving to be a very attractive fragrance in terms of aesthetics. Indeed, it takes the look of its predecessor and totally reappropriates its simple bottle shape evocative of a flask of Jamaican rum. However, it is now half covered with a golden lacquer dripping on its surface. Its base, on the other hand, is more transparent and reveals itself with clarity. Everything is also included in its pakaging and Calvin Klein suggests to us that CK One Gold is indeed part of the world of luxury.

The innovative scent of CK One Gold

Nonetheless, a refined look would be nothing without a scent that keeps all of its promises. However, it must be recognized that CK One Gold is sewn in many facets. It takes off on a fruity, aromatic and fresh impetus. It contains in particular fig, sage and bergamot. Then it evolves towards a more floral and luminous heart associating jasmine with neroli. The violet, for its part, comes to make the whole more powdery before evolving towards a woody and tenacious trail containing vetiver, patchouli and guaiac wood. Everything is then perfectly structured. CK One Gold thus has as many assets to satisfy the fairer sex as the male.

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