Clarins 4 Colors Palette 4 Eyeshadows

Clarins 4 Colors Palette 4 Eyeshadows
Clarins 4 Colors Palette 4 Eyeshadows

The Clarins house and its high-quality products are offering new colors for its now cult 4-color palette. High hold, rich colors and increased brightness, which of the Clarins 4-color palettes would you adopt?

The Clarins 4-Color Palette, the essential eyeshadows for your daily makeup

The quality and long-lasting hold of Clarins products are well established and this set of eyeshadows offered in the form of 4-color palettes will not disappoint anyone, both the quality and the rendering of the colors as well as the longevity of the waxes used for its manufacture. perfect for our eyes.

Enriched with three new models recently with the Brown, Nude and Rosewood palettes, the range of Clarins 4-color palettes will adapt to all your desires and all makeup styles. Sometimes smocky with the 4-color palette, the Smockey Eyes 05 or Forest 06 palette, sometimes nude makeup with the Rosewood 02 palette or the aptly named Nude 01, your Clarins 4-color palettes will be essential allies for your everyday makeup.

Intense colors rich in pigments for your eyelids with the 4-color Palettes from Clarins

Indeed, the Clarins 4-color palette has been designed to offer 4 eyeshadow colors that will combine wonderfully between iridescent shades, mat or satin colors. Particularly made from vegetable carnauba wax, the colors of the palette are more intense than ever to illuminate your eyes and improve the hold of the eye shadow throughout the day.

Regarding the application, you are free to use your Clarins eyeshadows in a natural way or slightly moistened to give them a “wet and dry” look. Their main advantage being to be ultra pigmented, the shades of your Clarins 4-color palette will be perfect to dress your eyes from morning to night.

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