9mm Eau de Parfum

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9mm Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Ballistic Therapy. The notes of this fragrance are Gunpowder, bergamot, cardamom, nutmeg, black jasmine, red pepper, black orchid, leather, iso-e super, vetiver, gaiac, moss, musk


Leave it to Geza Schöen to find the soul behind a provocative concept. Ballistic Therapy 9mm- and yes, that’s a real (non-live) round in the bottle- is inspired by the serendipitous discovery of gunpowder by ancient Chinese alchemists seeking an elixir of immortality, to instead stumble upon a destructive power that would change the world. Appropriately, 9mm is built on a potent gunpowder accord- smoky, sharp, acrid, with a lingering metallic sweetness. Schöen explores and expands on each facet of this complex note, supplementing with the sharpness of citrus, the fire of red pepper and cardamom, the smooth modernism of woodsy, vetiver-tinged musky leather. As with all of Geza’s creations, it’s both sexy and whimsical, eminently wearable yet beguilingly dangerous- a deadly weapon loaded with a wink and a smile.

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Specification: 9mm Eau de Parfum


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