Si Eau de Parfum Eau de Parfum Armani

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Si Eau de Parfum Eau de Parfum Armani is a 2013 Chyprée Floral Fruity Perfume by Armani for woman. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Christine Nagel . Top notes are Bergamot. Middle notes are Pink, Jasmine, Strawberry. Base notes are Oak moss, Patchouli.

Si Eau de Parfum Eau de Parfum Armani
Si Eau de Parfum Eau de Parfum Armani


Si Armani: A touch of retro and Italian elegance

Much more than a simple declaration of love for women, “Si” by Armani propagates the magnificent soft and sensual images of her muse to reach our senses attracted by this complex and powerful fragrance, the daring mixture of a retro chypre charm with fruity and gourmet modernities …

Yes to a new wind of Italian elegance and refinement

“Si” by Giorgio Armani is an ode to femininity. Armani declares that her new fragrance, ‘Si’ is a ‘tribute to modern femininity – an irresistible combination of grace, strength and independent spirit’.

It was therefore necessary to have a muse who lived up to all her feminine qualities and her charming and special contrasts. Cate Blanchett, an actress known for her sometimes daring roles and her relatively free career choices despite her notoriety, was chosen for her beauty, grace and freedom to be in order to embody “Si”. Already very attached to the house of Armani, Cate Blanchett inspires the very first campaign of visuals and spots towards aesthetic and strong images that highlight her natural and racy beauty while opening the doors to a refined and chic universe.

Of course, in addition to the charismatic personality of the actress, the commercial of “Si” as well as the visuals, put forward a philosophy of life where emotions take precedence over superficiality, where feelings are strongest. Obviously, the voice untranslated from Italian, offers us some exotic touches of “dolce vita” and a slightly retro Italian fashion, however the message is sent “If to the Force, to dreams, to emotion, to freedom…”. concept is powerful because “Si” touches all those who are found in this declaration of independence.

“Si” a perfume with many faces, a tribute to universal and timeless femininity

“ Si ”is an ode to freedom and multiple choices, so both its bottle and its juice must forcefully convey a mastered and elegant femininity. The packaging of” Si “comes in the form of a relatively sober square bottle while remaining particularly elegant by its multiple facets and mirrors. Elegance for Armani lies in the details: the black cap, a daring choice, but nevertheless a reminder of the color traditionally linked to chic, and then of course the two rings in gold, a precious and noble material of absolute femininity .

Like this woman of many talents, it was necessar y to create a perfume with many faces. “Si” is the daring and structured blend of traditional chypre fragrances mixed with modern or even original notes, a first. In top notes, freesia and blackcurrant notes evoke ripe, ripe fruit while being sweet. Then the delicate floral hearts of rose blend to perfection with powerful patchoulis to open up to gourmet and woody base notes of blond wood, ambergris (orcanox) and vanilla.

“Si” is therefore a deep and sensual perfume in which flowery notes, amber notes, fruity notes and gourmet notes blend with elegance and originality, as if to better pay homage to each personality of the woman, of the women to whom the great couturier wishes to pay homage. with this beautiful fragrance.

Designer of luxury ready- to-wear, Giorgio Armani is also a renowned perfumer. “Armani Si”, released in 2013, perfectly represents Italian seduction. A look that is both chic and ultra feminine, “Armani Si” is the perfume symbol of Mediterranean elegance. This chypre-fruity puts women in the spotlight, as Giorgio Armani attests “Armani Si is my tribute to modern femininity, an irresistible moment of grace, strength and a spirit of independence “.

Yes, ultra feminine notes

You should know that “Si” means “Yes” Italian. “Si Armani” is therefore an essence that wishes to say “Yes” to life, but also Yes to modern femininity. It is Christine Nagel, perfumer at “Mane Fils” who is behind the composition of “Si”. Born to an Italian mother and a Swiss father, Christine Nagel understood perfectly what the Italian woman means to Armani. “Si” which is defined as “chypre-fruity” is actually a revisited chypre, much more modern. Bergamot in the top note opens the fragrance with freshness and lightness. In the heart note, we discover blackcurrant bud. You should know that the blackcurrant bud is a very expensive ingredient in perfumery, therefore little used. It mixes with freesia and jasmine. Both give off an incredible luminosity as well as very flowery notes. The rose finally deposits the feminine beauty essential to the elegance of this fragrance. The base is both greedy and sensual. Here, patchouli combines with vanilla which envelops the composition, giving it a dose of exoticism. Vanilla combines with blond wood, for a touch of sensuality, as well as with orcanox notes, which is a wood note resembling the scent of ambergris.

Yes, the choice of ‘noble ingredients

For this ode to femininity, Giogio Armani wanted to choose noble ingredients. We first discover the blackcurrant bud, little used because it is very expensive. Jasmine and orange blossom are noble ingredients, used for their feminine beauty, but also for their incredible luminosity. The queen of flowers will accentuate this delicate sensuality. Blond wood is also a noble and precious material. At the same time warm, dusty and delicate, the blond wood gives a composition majestic tones between amber and musk. Finally, orcanax is a noble ingredient even if it is reproduced in the laboratory. It resembles tones of ambergris, thus offering a soft sensuality.

With “Armani Si”, the house of Armani wanted to put femininity in the spotlight. Here, it is an ode to all the women that Armani wanted to offer. Between noble ingredients and the beauty of the composition, “Si Armani” is an ultra feminine essence that adapts wonderfully to the grace of each woman.

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