Sultan Vetiver Extrait de Parfum

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Sultan Vetiver Extrait de Parfum is a fragrance by Nishane. The notes of this fragrance are Java vetiver , anise, pink pepper, bergamot, bourbon vetiver, Haitian vetiver , neroli, tonka bean, amber, leather, Brazilian vetiver

Sultan Vetiver Extrait de Parfum
Sultan Vetiver Extrait de Parfum


Sultan Vetiver recalls the former glory of Guerlain Vetiver before it was gutted by reforms – earthy, rich, and woody, and with a bitter anisic bite that will make you think of the blackest of licorice. It is a particularly toothsome, rugged example of vetiver, and one that true vetiver enthusiasts should make a point of seeking out.
Despite the name, there is nothing particularly oriental about Sultan Vetiver, although there is a richly embroidered nutmeat texture in the drydown suggestive of creamy resin. With impressive focus, the scent hones in on the noble green root, showcasing three separate types of vetiver oil that in turn display a rich variety of facets ranging from salt marsh, hazelnut, freshly-mown grass, rose, black pepper, and citrus fruit. In the base, tonka and amber resin melt away all the pungency of the root, bathing everything in a sweet olive-green bath of creamy goodness. Sultan Vetiver is an authentic vetiver fragrance that just smells amazing ? and one that we predict will thrill purists and the vetiver-shy alike.

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Specification: Sultan Vetiver Extrait de Parfum


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