Lanvin’s new A Girl in Capri perfume finally in a box

Lanvin's new A Girl in Capri perfume finally in a box
Lanvin’s new A Girl in Capri perfume finally in a box

For a few years now, the house created by Jeanne Lanvin has been happy to offer perfumes to younger women and therefore more modern and more gourmet essences, as for Modern Princess. With a Girl In Capri , the house reiterates its appeal to its young female audience while this time exhaling the charm of this Italian coast with a thousand and one scented wonders that encourage us to vacation and idleness. For this Christmas 2019, rediscover this Mediterranean pleasure in a box!

Travel to Italy with the A Girl in Capri box set by Lanvin

With the Lanvin house, modern princesses have always had magnificent perfumes to wear and it is not the young lady from A Girl in Capri who will make us believe the opposite with her floral-fruity scents who will make us believe the opposite!

It is true that A Girl in Capri seeks from its first notes like its first images to plunge us into a sparkling and radiant universe where the sun is king and the young woman has nothing in her kingdom. Because in its advertising, it is indeed the spontaneous and very natural charm of its young muse, Barbora Podzimkova, which thus emerges of course as the beauty of this island of Capri rich in flowers, citrus fruits and fiery rays of sunshine. A Girl in Capri seeks to give us joy and it works wonderfully!

“Radiant, A girl in Capri is an intensely optimistic citrus-musky floral fragrance. »Tells us the Lanvin house about A Girl in Capri.

A Girl in Capri for a young woman sparkling with joie de vivre

Composed by perfumer Sophie Labbé, this great lover of sunny and fanciful flowers, A Girl in Capri exudes both this Mediterranean warmth that makes us dream as well as its contrasts between spontaneous freshness of citrus fruits and sensual warmth very symbolic of the femininity of today between softness and charm, candor and desire to seduce.

However, Girl In Capri opens with a citrus essence typical of the island of Capri, the essence of lemon primofiore , accompanied by a tangy note of bergamot. In the heart, the sea breeze carries us away in its animal and warm current, while the grapefruit flower is sweet, sunny and so feminine at the bottom. Finally, the depths of A Girl in Capri will echo this fresh and tangy entry by counterbalancing them with a torrid heat carried on with a beating drum by a cocktail of musks and a note of driftwood which will bring them both woody warmth and the savage heat of iodized currents.

To offer us this Christmas 2019 as a beautiful scented souvenir of our holidays in the Mediterranean, the pretty box A Girl in Capri by Lanvin will contain your perfume bottle in a 50 ml format, accompanied by a body milk in a format of 100 ml to enjoy your perfume in the early morning light!


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