Madras tuberose, the Indian inspiration of Boucheron

Madras tuberose, the Indian inspiration of Boucheron
Madras tuberose, the Indian inspiration of Boucheron

For more than 120 years, the Boucheron house has offered its customers the most beautiful sets. These are designed with remarkable gemstones from around the world. Nevertheless, if the Boucheron house has developed a lasting relationship with many exceptional mines in many parts of the world, it must be recognized that India has always been one of its favorite territories. So, as if to pay homage to him, Boucheron has just made the Tubéreuse de Madras perfume.

Madras, a trip to the heart of India

Madras is the ancient name of the city of Chennai, capital of the state of Tamil Nadu, in southern India. It is one of the major cultural poles of this part of the country. It was renamed in 1996. However, by choosing to give its old name to its perfume, Boucheron clearly suggests that it is a question of diving into its finest archives. Madras is a fishing village. Most of the inhabitants are Tamils. However, many Sri Lankans also live in this place. It is a place that is both cool and sunny, full of exoticism. But it is precisely this image that Boucheron wished to convey to us in his perfume.

Boucheron’s creamy and sunny composition

To make this fragrance that is both authentic and exotic, Boucheron called on perfumers Christophe Raynaud. This talented designer chose to immediately instill a solar sensation in his perfume. Thus, he let express the Mediterranean scent of orange blossom. Its luminosity is enhanced by the elegance of the leaf of violets as well as the exoticism of passion fruit. From then on, a more floral heart takes over. This one is full of tuberose, as the name of this fragrance suggests. This plant is also accompanied by frangipani and ylang-ylang. Finally, although tuberose is still present in the base of this perfume, it is gradually accompanied by sandalwood and enveloped in vanilla.

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