New Dior Bronze face sunscreens

Sublime tan protective cream SPF30
Sublime tan protective cream SPF30

Dior sublime tan protective cream SPF30 and 50 to sublimate your skin for a long time

The Dior house is just as famous for its couture department as for its perfumes and cosmetics. Moreover, it is exactly the same requirement that is expected by the brand in each of its sectors of activity. Year after year, Dior enriches its existing shelves with new creations, satisfying all the desires of women. This time the focus is on the beauty of your skin and the radiance of your face. Dior has incorporated a new treatment into its famous Dior Bronze range , combining a self-tanner and a highly filtering cream. Focus on the Sublime Sun Protection Cream SPF30 and SP50.

Dior Bronze, an assortment of sun care products

Dior Bronze is one of the most famous product lines of the house of Dior. The latter brings together many sun care products that both allow your skin to tan while being protected. Dior Bronze offers you the pleasures of the sun all year round. Far from the self-tanners of yesteryear, Dior Bronze products provide a very natural result, for delicately tanned skin, the intensity of which increases day after day, gradually, and according to your desires.

The Sublime Tan Protective Cream, a self-tanner that filters UV rays

Sublime tan protective cream SPF50
Sublime tan protective cream SPF50

The Sublime Tan Protective Cream SPF 30 and SPF 50 is a protective treatment that filters the harmful effects of the sun to lastingly sublimate your skin. However, it allows you to have a good look by also integrating self-tanning agents into its formula. Instantly, your skin becomes more beautiful. Intensely protected, it stays young and radiant for a long time. Dior Sublime Tan Protective Cream protects your face from aging and fights against the attack of free radicals. For this, it contains broad spectrum UV filters and antioxidants. To give you a healthy glow, its formula is enriched with Dior’s Tan Beautifier complex which enhances the tan of your face, making it a little more intense every day but always natural.

The creamy texture of Dior Sublime Tan Protective Cream SPF 30 and 50

For a moment of pure pleasure, know that the Protective Cream SPF30 and 50 sublime tan instantly penetrates the epidermis, leaving no sticky sensation behind. Infinitely milky and fresh, it makes the skin more supple and lasting more comfortable. The formula of Dior Sublime Tan Protective Cream is enriched with a fragrance of Polynesian flowers, a signature of the entire Dior Bronze range. Gourmet but refined, this scent is a real delight!

As always, the house of Dior has demonstrated the effectiveness of its product through tests carried out on numerous customers. 100% of women who have tested this product claim to be won over by the pleasant feeling of freshness that emanates from it and the comfort it provides. 95% of them say that Dior Sublime Tan Protective Facial Sunscreen makes their skin more luminous with each application.

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