Nina Ricci, the new Les Sorbets de Luna

Nina Ricci, the new Les Sorbets de Luna
Nina Ricci, the new Les Sorbets de Luna

Les Sorbets de Luna by Nina Ricci, a bottled pear granita

Les Belles de Nina is an assortment of three fragrances, the first opus of which saw the light of day in 2006, by the creation of Nina . If this initial juice was the embodiment of a romantic woman, the next two essences turned out to be much more daring. Luna is a bit mysterious , causing a sensual breath to float in her wake, both bewitching and slightly insolent. Bella , meanwhile, is even more extravagant. Today, these three fragrances are reinventing themselves in limited editions specifically designed for summer 2019. Let’s take a closer look at what delicacy the new Les Sorbets de Luna scent hides …

Les Sorbets de Luna, a fragrance inspired by a famous brand of ice cream

For this collection, Nina Ricci was inspired by a famous brand of Italian ice cream. After all, what better treat than this to enjoy hot summer days? Luna’s Sorbets are a nod to the Amorino brand, fully anchored in Italian tradition, and renowned for the flavor of its ingredients as well as their 100% natural origin. Amorino knows how to work with the finest raw materials, just like Nina Ricci. So, from ice creams to perfumery, there is only one more step. These two areas have in common to awaken your senses for your greatest pleasure!

Les Sorbets de Luna, the return of Nina Ricci’s apple

As often, Nina Ricci opted for an apple-shaped bottle to present her brand new fragrance. Les Sorbets de Luna therefore appears to be a worthy descendant of the Daughter of Eve, the first juice of Nina Ricci to have had a bottle with this silhouette, in 1952. This time, Nina Ricci opts for a pastel blue color, infinitely. contemporary. Les Sorbets de Luna is fully anchored in current trends. Its small hood, meanwhile, is completely gold and the leather link on Luna has also disappeared. Has the attractive heroine of Nina Ricci calmed down? Its front side however seems to have been eaten to the fullest, as if the temptation was too strong not to succumb to it!

Les Sorbets de Luna, a pear delicacy

To make this new fragrance, Nina Ricci called on perfumers Fabrice Pellegrin. Les Sorbets de Luna launches with a fresh and fruity scent of bergamot and nashi pear. Widely used in Asian cuisine, this fruit has a hybrid form between apple and pear, echoing the bottle of Nina Ricci. Then, this fresh surge is relayed by a more floral heart. Les Sorbets de Luna contains jasmine, gardenia and peony. This feminine trio then rests on a woody cedar base, while a musk glow gives it all its sensuality.

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