Perfume statement, the new Cartier fragrance

Perfume statement, the new Cartier fragrance
Perfume statement, the new Cartier fragrance

Declaration of Cartier changes face and becomes a Perfume

The whole Declaration de Cartier collection has in common that it is inspired by the force of feelings. In this year 2018, this range of cult fragrances is enriched by a newcomer: Perfume Declaration. Once again, it is about celebrating those who love each other and who know how to prove it. This juice seems to have been designed for men who want to declare their love. He is a fiery symbol of attachment to others. It is offered as a rare and precious gift. For this, Cartier decided to enrich it with a force more intense and deep than ever.

Cartier’s many fragrant Declarations of love

First of all, let’s start by recalling that Declaration Parfum is far from being the first revisit of this already cult essence. Indeed, the very first Declaration was born in 1997 . It was a luminous juice, similar to a morning declaration that one would put on the threshold of the door before leaving, in order to brighten the day of his beloved. Then, in 2001, Cartier made Declaration Essence, a more powerful juice made from immortelle flower, and Declaration Bois Bleu, a deep fragrance containing vetiver and cedar. It was then until 2009 to see the appearance of Declaration Cologne, a tribute to the beginnings of perfumery, enriched with the freshness of ginger and verbena. In 2014, Declaration of Waterswapped its original woody accord for a frosty lemon and grapefruit thrill. Finally, in 2016, L ‘ Eau de Toilette Fraiche de Cartier offered us a more citrus glow than ever.

Cartier opts for a warmer bottle for Declaration Parfum

On the bottle side, the new Declaration Parfum de Cartier has carried on the tradition of its predecessors. Thus, the shape of its bottle remains unchanged. It is a slender, slender and delicate glass tower that stretches towards the sky. However, on her chest, a cutaway draws a heart shape, a real nod to the feelings of love that are hidden inside this perfume. The smooth glass of the Declaration Parfum bottle plays with light and this time lets us see a warmer amber juice than before. This elegant flask is ideally designed to facilitate handling. The word Declaration and the name of Cartier, for their part, are engraved transparently. The whole is soberly decorated with a metal toggle clasp.

Perfume statement, a scent synonymous with sensuality

Finally, on the scent side, Mathilde Laurent, official perfumer of Cartier, has decided to bet on two main ingredients to materialize the new sensuality and ardor of Declaration Parfum. On the one hand, the cedar here reveals a certain strength and undeniable virility. It is also one of the woody notes most used in perfumery. This raw material is accompanied for the occasion by all the sensuality of leather. Declaration Parfum thus has a more animal aspect than ever, which in no way detracts from its natural elegance.

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