Polo Sport The scent of all challenges

Polo Sport The scent of all challenges
Polo Sport The scent of all challenges

After offering us the beautiful Polo and its green and woody scents, Ralph Lauren does it again by offering Polo Sport in 1994. This time the Polo Sport man is not only a fan of polo but also of multiple sports as long as they are sensational. and that they allow him to meet all challenges! Polo Sport is the typical “fitness scent” of the 90s.

Polo Sport: the man of all exploits!

The Ralph Lauren house was first and foremost created around sports clothes that dressed, and still dress, for polo players. Elegance and sophistication of materials and cuts are essential. The very first Polo fragrance was created precisely for these sophisticated and athletic men.

However, the Ralph Lauren range has been able to extend to the creation of a good number of chic sportswear clothes, and over the years, it has been able to spread its sporting values ​​through many ranges. Logically enough, Polo Sport has therefore followed this diversification by offering an athletic and fresh scent to all athletes this time.

In order to present Polo Sport he was chosen a spirited young athletic man, Tyson Beckford, who was unanimously accepted both by men who admired his imposing musculature and by women who saw a good number of charms in him.

Moreover, in the first video for Polo Sport, the muse commands admiration as he seeks to overcome his limits. Athletics, basketball, boxing, swimming… the Polo Sport man does not hesitate to exert himself and surpass himself! The visual for its part will highlight both the azure blue of the perfume and the impressive musculature of its top model appearing with the posture of a Greek god.

The freshness and exoticism of a fresh and ultra virile fragrance by Ralph Lauren

Of course, the beautiful rounded bottle of Polo Sport all dressed in blue attracts attention both with its ocean blue color and its original shape. With its steel stopper totally in line with the scented modernities of the “sport” style, it definitely gets noticed! As for the American flag, it is quite simply a strong symbol of the brand‘s attachment to its country: the United States.

Polo Sport, composed by Harry Frémont, opens with a fresh citrus-aromatic cocktail built around bergamot, lemon and mint. At the heart, the fruity and juicy notes of pineapple will surprise us, accompanied by a spicy ginger. The rosewood will bring to this sweet and warm heart a delicate aromatic touch to the whole. The relatively classic depths of fern, of course, remind us of its elder Polo. This time, oak moss and vetiver will immerse themselves in the cottony sweetness of white musks.

Polo Sport, still as powerful as its incredible elder, also offers intense freshness which enjoys being alongside sweet and spicy scents forming a rather original composition for a perfume with a sport connotation. The Polo Sport man is still as attached to his racy elegance!

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