Quatre, a scented adaptation of a Boucheron jewel

Quatre, a scented adaptation of a Boucheron jewel
Quatre, a scented adaptation of a Boucheron jewel

Quatre is a modern and exquisite Eau de Parfum from the Maison Boucheron. It was created by Nathalie Gracia and Antoine Maisondieu and is inspired by the iconic Boucheron ring of the same name. Also, if you dreamed of getting a unique piece of jewelry but you lack the means, you can always afford its equivalent in perfume for cheap on our site. This fruity floral saw the light of day in 2015 and perfectly symbolizes the luxury of this great French house. What’s more, its bottle is sublime. The whole is worthy of a true work of art.

A perfume born from a Boucheron jewel

Boucheron creationsare synonymous with fine jewelry. They have the art of sublimating women and revealing their beauty. Also, among the many works of art of the brand, one ring stands out in particular. Its story began in 2004. Its design adopts a very contemporary form. Its structure is imposing and architectural. In addition, it is made up of four rings, each showing a stage in the history of the Boucheron house. There is the Double Godrons, invented in 1889 and symbolizing the union of two beings. Les Clous de Paris are inspired by the cobbled streets of Paris. Finely cut diamonds recall the core business of the workshops and the Gros Grain motif is a true miracle of goldsmithing. Also, these four precious rings have a soul and a story. Today, Boucheron therefore decides to revisit one of the most beautiful symbols of his art. Quatre now translates into a new language. He then combines the modernity of his essence with the timelessness of his ring. Either way, the result is most elegant.

The prestigious appearance of Quatre

The fragrance Fouris very sparkling, like its tender pink champagne color. Its top notes are composed of bitter orange with a tangy taste combined with a green and juicy tangerine. These citrus notes are then underlined by the juicy sparkle of strawberry and redcurrant. Its heart, meanwhile, offers a particularly feminine accord of rose-jasmine. What’s more, an innovative ingredient is emerging: petalia, which diffuses a powder scent of pink flowers with lychee accents. Finally, the pearl woods of musks sublimate its wake and make it more sensual. Then, Quatre softens with its tones of cedar and cashmeran. Its bottle, meanwhile, gives off a very precious image. It is heavy and massive and is a clever contrast between rose gold and white enamel. This last element then recalls the “White Edition” model of the Quatre ring. Likewise, its double gadroon motif chisels the base of the case. Finally, the ring itself is present. It crimps the bottle and allows it to be closed and opened via a rotation system.

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