Rem acquired it, the new Reminiscence

Rem acquired it, the new Reminiscence
Rem acquired it, the new Reminiscence

Rem L’Acqua de Réminiscence, the new scent of your holidays

At a time when the buds are starting to come out, the perfumers are also giving us a glimpse of the beautiful days. Indeed, spring is conducive to summer olfactory outings. Moreover, in this year 2016, one of the emblematic perfumes of the summer will soon be celebrating its 20th anniversary. This is the famous Rem de Réminiscence . No wonder then that the brand has decided to release a whole new version. The new Rem L’Acqua will indeed make its appearance in a few weeks, during the month of April 2016.

Rem, an iconic fragrance from Reminiscence

Before telling you about this new juice, let’s take a quick look back at the iconic Rem fragrance. It was created in 1996. It unmistakably evokes the smell of summer. In this case, it was inspired by a stay in Saint-Barthélemy. For the record, Nino Amaddeo stayed there and it was there that he had the idea to create this essence. Indeed, he had forgotten to bring his sunscreen. So he went to buy some in a stall on the beach. However, he literally fell under the spell of the smell of it. No sooner had he returned from leave, so he decided to recreate the scent to make it into a perfume. This is how Rem was born. It quickly conquered the world with its fresh and light scent. Today it is considered to be the bestseller of the Réminiscence brand. The sweetness of its smell is similar to that of its aesthetic. It is quite simply impossible to resist its curvaceous shape and its turquoise blue hue, synonymous with exoticism. Rem is a perfume that smells like summer and that we never tire of rediscovering with each arrival of the beautiful days for 20 years now.

The new Rem L’Acqua perfume

Like its predecessor, Rem L’Acqua recreates the scent of skin heated by the sun, bathed in algae, wind and sea. It takes off on a tangy and jasmine scent of bergamot. This fruit from the cross between lemon and sour orange releases a sparkling, floral and sweet scent. It is then matched with very feminine and chypre tones of narcissus. Likewise, the presence of sea salt promotes the impression of being at the beach. Its scent then evolves towards a more woody background. Amber, meanwhile, enhances all of its balsamic notes while musk releases its intense animality and sensuality. Like its predecessor, Rem L’Acqua is contained in a rounded bottle. Both are alike in every way. However, the new Rem L’Acqua is available in a more limpid and luminous shade. It is adorned with a beautiful turquoise gradient absolutely captivating. Its cabochon is now completely transparent and thus seems to play with the sunlight as if to make it reflect the same juice. Undeniably, Rem L’Acqua is a poetic perfume that already promises to make us travel.

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