Sisley – Sisleyouth

Sisley - Sisleyouth

A complete and innovative treatment to fight against the first signs of aging: moisturizing – energizing – first wrinkles.


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Fresh and deliciously melting emulsion with a velvety mat finish.

A treatment benefiting from Sisley’s expertise in anti-aging, tested on a mixed panel and aimed at all people who wish to prevent the appearance of the first signs of aging.

The skin aging process
begins at the age of 25, under the influence of multiple factors: – cell renewal and self-regeneration of the skin naturally slow down.
– external stresses (sun, intense pace of life, poor diet, etc.)

Sisley’s Sislyouth Treatment

To fight against the first signs of aging, Sisley’s research has focused on the youthfulness of the skin and solutions to preserve it, as well as the lifestyle of young adults, to alleviate the consequences.

Thus was born SisleyOuth, a very complete daily care product, at the same time protective of the youth capital, energizing and moisturizing.

Sisley - Sisleyouth Pub
Sisley – Sisleyouth Pub

Sisleyouth: 3 Major Actions:

1- Protection of youth capital at 2 levels
Maintenance of a functional epidermis: pea extract strengthens the protective bull of adult stem cells, thus preserving their integrity and their ability to build a functional epidermis. Fight against the first wrinkles and the loss of tone in the dermis: the peptide extract of soya promotes the synthesis of the support fibers of the dermis (collagen), to fight against the sagging skin. Adenosine fights against the first wrinkles. Vitamin E Acetate helps strengthen the skin’s natural defenses.

2- Energizing Action Fights
against the harmful effects of oxidative stress and fatigue on the skin: Buckwheat seed extract traps free radicals and stimulates cell metabolism. Kiwi extract, rich in minerals (Magnesium), gives the skin all its vitality. Ginseng Extract invigorates it. Gingko biloba extract revives its luminosity. Essential oils with stimulating properties provide a fresh and energizing scent.

3- Intense
hydration Maintaining optimal hydration, for smooth and plump skin: to maintain hydration at an optimal level for 8 hours, a new extract of natural origin, derived from wheat sugars, promotes the fixation of the water in the stratum corneum. Vegetable glycerin moisturizes and softens the skin.
Complementary soothing and nourishing benefits: D-Panthenol provides a soothing effect, shea butter and sunflower oil nourish the skin.

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