The flight of cartier: a new box for original scents

The flight of cartier: a new box for original scents
The flight of cartier: a new box for original scents

Two original boxes with the scent of L’Envol de Cartier

With the L’Envol perfume, the Cartier house wanted to pay tribute to one of its most tender friends: the aviator Santos Dumont. L’Envol is in its image and celebrates adventurous men. Its ambition is to reveal the pioneer who lies dormant in each of you. L’Envol encourages the man who wears it to follow his wildest desires and listen to his instincts. He seems able to elevate the spirit to familiarize himself with the sky! With him nothing is set in stone and all dreams suddenly seem possible. So, how about indulging yourself in this fragrance without compromise and making it your own in an elegant box?

The contrasting smell of L’Envol

L’Envol is a very contrasting and paradoxical fragrance . It is both transparent and tender while being woody and manly. It first dashes into an incandescent freshness. Then, its wake gradually becomes more enveloping and delicious. It is enriched with honeyed notes and guaiac wood. Resins give it an almost divine part. Its more woody base is also sublimated by the vaporous animality of musk. Finally, the patchouli also contributes to reinforce the elegance of the whole.

The two versions of L’Envol

Note that the L’Envol de Cartier perfume exists in two different versions. His eau de toilette is a little fresher. Its eau de Perfume, for its part, is more opulent and tenacious. However, it is precisely these two different versions that we find in two separate boxes. They both look exactly the same. They are delivered in a box of red and anthracite gray colors. Their 80 ml spray is accompanied for the occasion by the stick deodorant of the range.

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