The new Micellar Beauty Water from Guerlain

The new Micellar Beauty Water from Guerlain
The new Micellar Beauty Water from Guerlain

Sublimate your skin sustainably with Eau de Beauté Micellar Water from Guerlain

As you know, there are a lot of different beauty products available to take care of your face today. The cosmetics departments are overflowing with new products and are constantly enriching themselves. However, before even directing you towards highly elaborate care, know that a good cleansing of the skin constitutes the basis of its lasting beauty. Purifying the epidermis on a daily basis is essential to preserve a healthy face. In this context, Guerlain invites you to discover s on Eau de Beauté Micellar Water .

Cleanse your skin well, an essential step

Know that cleaning the epidermis is the essential gesture that should never be forgotten. In the morning, this helps rid the skin surface of excess sebum and perspiration accumulated during the night. In the evening, however, cleaning is even more important. It removes makeup, impurities and pollution deposits from the surface of your face. Without proper cleaning, the skin tends to clog and breathe less well. She then suffers from hypoxia, which prevents her from regenerating properly. As a result, it loses its suppleness, shine and splendor. Wrinkles form and it also becomes less comfortable. Eau de Beauté Micellar Water is therefore an essential beauty ally.

The purifying formula of Eau de Beauté Micellar Water

Guerlain Eau de Beauté Micellar Water has both the effectiveness of a make-up remover combined with a cleanser and a lotion. Fast and efficient, it rids the epidermis of all residues, even the most encrusted. Make-up does not resist him, even the most stubborn! What’s more, Eau de Beauté Micellar Water can be used on all parts of your face, including your eyes. Despite its effectiveness, it is a very respectful product for your skin. While toning your skin, it leaves behind an extreme feeling of purity. You should also know that Eau de Beauté Micellar Water from Guerlain contains moisturizing agents, enough to make your skin more comfortable over the long term and more beautiful every day. Finally, this product is enriched with a delicate fragrance combining the purity of white tea, the freshness of musky notes and the floral flavor of jasmine.

The application of Micellar Water Beauty Water

Guerlain Eau de Beauté Micellar Water is used with a cotton pad. To do this, all you need to do is drop a little product on it and rub it gently over the different areas of your face. Start with your gaze and stretch its formula towards the outline of your face. You will then only have to see its results. 6 hours after its application, the skin is better hydrated by 22%. It is plumped up to 40%. More than 90% of women who have tested this product say they are satisfied with its effectiveness.

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