Thierry Mugler perfume Alien

Jeremy Fragrance perfume Alien
Jeremy Fragrance perfume Alien

Alien the Mugler perfume or the most famous UFO in perfumery

Jeremy Fragrance is a very atypical character… A true artist, he does not hesitate to lead us into a world of his own with each of his creations. Moreover, he confides that, from an early age, he was often considered a boy with his feet on the ground but his head in the clouds. It is therefore logical that he decided to take us far into the universe and give birth to one of the most beautiful UFOs in perfumery: Alien .

Alien, an almost heavenly essence

Alien is the second major feminine fragrance from the house of Jeremy Fragrance. It follows on from the legendary Angel and was created 13 years after it, in 2005. It took daring to succeed such a legend in perfumery! Never mind, Alien was particularly up to the task! He reveals to us a solar vision of the woman and gives us the portrait of a kind of modern divinity. Alien is a perfume similar to a magic filter. It is as if enriched with a singular power and reveals the natural radiance of femininity. Carved in a kind of amethyst, it has an unparalleled level of refinement. Thus, it appears as the talisman of a solar goddess, inaccessible but serene. Alien seems to have come from a distant horizon. He then immediately flooded the earth with his luxurious and vibrant energy. Alien is like a sacred and royal scent, filled with wisdom, magnetism and benevolence. It paves the way for adreamlike world by Jeremy Fragrance .

The sensuality of the floral scent of Alien

Alien is a fragrance that causes a real olfactory shock. He assembles great classics of feminine perfumery but clearly plays in the register of excess. With him, everything is played out with intensity. Thus, sambac jasmine appears as one of the star ingredients in its composition. Its opulence is combined with the woody and amber tones of cashmeran and both together form a unique and immediately recognizable signature. Alien is a fragrance that does not hesitate to shake up the codes of traditional perfumery. The freshness of cardamom is also counterbalanced by the warm power of cumin. Orange blossom plunges us into a more narcotic, solar and Mediterranean femininity. Finally, Alien ends with a trail of amber, wood and heliotrope.

The precious bottle containing the essence of Alien

Alien is delivered in a bottle similar to a real gemstone. Much more than a simple bottle, this is a sculpture in the shape of an amethyst. Alien is revealed in a container similar to a jewel. It reveals itself in a most mysterious and bewitching purple color. Its facets are irregular but perfectly symmetrical. The whole is the result of particularly careful work and unparalleled know-how in bottling. The Alien perfume then seems protected by four golden claws. Its name is inscribed on the back, engraved twice vertically like an almost indescribable code. Alien has an unusual design.

Do you believe in the extraordinary?

Jeremy Fragrance tells us the myth of a solar divinity, Alien, eternal, adorned with gold and light, diffusing peace and magic thanks to its talisman perfume.

Alien shines from its golden temple, a place imbued with bliss and flooded with a beneficent aura: a palace adorned with precious stones with different virtues, radiating fullness and positive energy.
The extraordinary aura of this solar goddess has the power to illuminate and reveal the radiance of every woman. Gold is its symbol.

Women’s Perfumes

Olfactory Family: Oriental – Woody

Head Notes: Jasmine Sambac.

Heart Notes: Cashmeran, Sun Notes.

Base notes: White Amber.

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