When the Male by Jean Paul Gaultier takes height: The Male Aviator

When the Male by Jean Paul Gaultier takes height: The Male Aviator
When the Male by Jean Paul Gaultier takes height: The Male Aviator

Le Male Aviator, the new military perfume from Jean-Paul Gaultier

Male is much more than a perfume. He is a true legend of perfumery, whose birth dates back to 1995. Regardless of his age, Le Male has not lost any of its splendor and always ranks among the most popular essences. sold from around the world. To perpetuate the myth, Jean-Paul Gaultier very often develops derivatives of his initial scent. This time, the sailor gives way to an aviation enthusiast. The 2020 atmosphere of the Jean Paul Gaultier house is more military than ever. So, put on your pilot outfit and let’s meet the new Male Aviator!

The new, more woody and masculine breath of Jean-Paul Gaultier’s Male Aviator

Jean-Paul Gaultier’s Male Aviator plays it “member of the Royal Air Force” and does not shy away from his virility. Moreover, its indomitable temperament is felt from the first notes of its fragrance. The Male Aviator soars with a lively and fresh scent of mint. Thus, it is an ideal scent to help you surpass yourself and accomplish all your daily challenges. Very energizing, Le Male Aviator by Jean-Paul Gaultier then continues with a more sustained elegance based on violet leaves. Little by little, the masculinity of its recipe is amplified, until it gains a manly and woody territory in its wake.

The Male Aviator, the scent of an ambitious man

The Male Aviator is described by the house of Jean-Paul Gaultier as being a new eau de toilette for men who “aim for the stars with a free spirit. Carried by the wings of ambition, courage in control ”. If the brand had accustomed us to a sailor sailing from port to port, the scent of Jean-Paul Gaultier seems this time to leave the sea to join the air. The man who wears this fragrance does not hesitate to take up the wildest challenges. Courageous above all, he is not afraid of anything and is ready to do anything to achieve his goal.

The new military design of the Male Aviator

Of course, if this perfume is eagerly awaited for its scent, it is at least as much for the new design of its bottle. Like its predecessors, Le Male Aviator comes in a bust-shaped bottle, dressed in a striped sweater. However, its blue surface has disappeared in favor of a much more military khaki. In addition, this color is also present on the new tin can of Jean-Paul Gaultier, serving as a container for this perfume, in an always very offbeat spirit. The iconic star of military aviation is present on its front face, in a golden hue. A pin-up is also invited on this case, giving it in the process a little retro side which is not to displease us and which Jean-Paul Gaultier enjoys very often.

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