YSL launches its Skin Ink Cushion

YSL launches its Skin Ink Cushion
YSL launches its Skin Ink Cushion

Cushion Encre de Peau, Yves Saint-Laurent’s Complexion Ink Bottle to take with you everywhere

Make-up is a daily ritual for many women. Also, if there is one essential step in the latter, it is undoubtedly that of complexion makeup. Moreover, you only have to see the extent of the foundation radius to see the extent of the phenomenon. There is something for all skin types, of all colors, anti-aging, matte, powdery… And there are even some that you can take everywhere with you! At least, that is the case with the new Cushion Encre de Peau Encrier de Teint by Yves Saint-Laurent.

An Yves Saint-Laurent Teint Ink Bottle that follows you everywhere

It must be recognized that Yves Saint-Laurent had a particularly innovative idea: that of creating a pocket foundation that you can take everywhere with you without it encumbering you and without any risk of leakage. So, if the slightest imperfection surfaced during the day, you could easily cover it up and do a little touch-up. The Skin Ink Cushion Complexion Inkis a revolutionary product that knows how to be discreet and which allows you to maintain a perfect complexion all day long. What is more, it brings hydration and a unique freshness which gives you a real feeling of comfort. What’s more, although it can be touched up during the day, it ensures perfect long-lasting competition. It then spreads its matte and luminous finish on your skin to make it last throughout the day. Finally, note that Yves Saint-Laurent has developed its case with an eco-responsible concern. In this case, its Ink Cushion Teint Cushion Encre de Peau has a refillable container. Thus, you can use it indefinitely without having to change the inkwell.

The many advantages of Cushion Encre de Peau

Skin Ink Cushioncan have two different uses. It can be applied like a normal foundation in the morning and cover the surface of your face with its matte and natural glow. However, it can also be used for small touch-ups covering any imperfections that appear throughout the day. It adapts equally well to dry skin as to combination skin and moisturizes the epidermis while unifying your face. Its texture, although providing absolute coverage, is particularly light. This new generation product is then available in 12 colors. It goes well with each skin tone and gives you a perfectly harmonious result. In other words, it is an all-purpose product that does not stand out and everyone might well ask you where this radiant face came from when it comes to back to school. However, remember that for optimal results, nothing is more effective than taking care of your skin regularly. So, don’t forget to hydrate and scrub him at least once a week.

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