Biotherm Biosource Total Renew Oil Cleansing Oil

Biotherm Biosource Total Renew Oil Cleansing Oil
Biotherm Biosource Total Renew Oil Cleansing Oil

Founded in 1952, the Biotherm brand takes its source from the thermal waters of the Pyrenees. Shortly after the discovery of living plankton, in 1950, Dr Jullien met a biologist living in Monaco, named Jeanine Marissal. Together, and after numerous studies, they understood the incredible power of life plankton for the skin, as well as its enormous potential as a care active… The Biotherm saga could then begin. All Biotherm products are thus enriched with this living plankton which contains 35 nutrients, proteins, vitamins, amino acids, carbohydrates, lipids and trace elements. Here, the Biotherm brand presents “Biosource Total Renew Oil Cleansing Oil”.

Biotherm Biosource Total Renew Oil Cleansing Oil, its actions on your skin.

Biotherm “Biosource Total Renew Oil Cleansing Oil” doubly cleanses the skin in a single step. Indeed, your Biotherm makeup remover removes foundation, long-lasting lipstick and even waterproof mascara, all without drying out the skin. As a result, it frees your skin from all traces of perspiration, makeup and various impurities. The “Biosource Total Renew Oil Oil” make-up remover is actually a self-foaming oil, which mixes natural vegetable oils with an anti-pollution agent which eliminates 73% of fine particles. With it, all your makeup can be removed in one step and thus remains easy and pleasant. This 2 in 1 makeup remover removes makeup and pollution while tightening pores. The skin is then satiny, immediately refreshed and appears airy. Biotherm “Biosource Total Renew Oil Cleansing Oil” is composed of the plankton of life, which soothes, regenerates and protects your skin. “L. Saccharina” is the first anti-adhesion agent to pollution. It thus removes all impurities and bacteria from your face. Finally,your Biotherm makeup remover contains a blend of natural vegetable oils, including passion fruit, apricot, corn, rice bran, which nourish and repair your skin while gently cleansing it.

Biotherm Biosource Total Renew Oil Cleansing Oil, benefits and advice for use.

To obtain the best possible make-up removal, it is recommended to apply Biotherm oil to the face in circular movements in order to eliminate all traces of impurities. Then, emulsify with water to create a purifying foam. Rinse off with water or apply Biotherm tonic lotion.
After an evaluation test carried out on 62 women, we see that immediately after use, the makeup remover eliminates
the foundation for 98% of the women
the lipstick for 90% of the women
the mascara and eye shadow for 77% of the women
urban impurities (dust, dirt and pollution) for 90% of women.
In addition, the makeup remover leaves the skin perfectly clean and clear for 87% of women, healthier for 82% of women and softer for 81% of women.

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