The Waterproof Eye Pen from Chanel

The Waterproof Eye Pen from Chanel
The Waterproof Eye Pen from Chanel

The Chanel Waterproof Eye Pen, the summer beauty ally

Summer is the season for all pleasures, including swimming. Indeed, what could be more pleasant than to enjoy a bright sun while bathing in the sea or in a perfectly refreshing river? Yes, but there you have it, how to stay beautiful in these circumstances? Fortunately for us, cosmetic brands compete in ingenuity and today allow us to stay makeup even while enjoying the joys of an invigorating bath. Also, here is one of the star products resistant to any test: the Pen for the Eyes Waterproof from the legendary Chanel house.

Focus on waterproof makeup

First of all, know that waterproof makeup has made major advances. In addition, today it is completely safe. Although it resists all tests, it is made from natural active ingredients and thus adapts to all skin tones. The latter is a real all-terrain make-up. It is resistant to water, ambient humidity as well as heat. Also, if we often assimilate it to the summer season, know that the waterproof effect can be very useful in many situations. The Waterproof Eye Pen could thus become your ally during your outings. Just imagine yourself at a foam party: the heat mixed with the drops of water will no longer be a problem.

Likewise, if you tend to rub your eyes, waterproof makeup will greatly limit smudging. Finally, its most famous use remains that for swimming. With the Chanel Waterproof Eye Pen, you will no longer have any risk of looking like a panda when you come out of the water, after having made a magnificent dive!

The many advantages of the Chanel Waterproof Eye Pen

The Waterproof Eye Penby Chanel is composed of a mixture of waxes and film-forming agents grouped together in a soft and ultra comfortable formula. Thus, you will not have the feeling of being made up and will not feel any discomfort in your eyes. What’s more, its silicone resin ensures its waterproof effect and is ideally designed not to leak, whatever the circumstances. Despite everything, Chanel has developed a product that can be easily removed. Everything is of course tested under dermatological but also ophthalmological control, so as to be suitable for contact lens wearers. On the aesthetic side, the Chanel Waterproof Eye Pen will draw you an intense look. What’s more, note that its color does not vary depending on water, humidity or sebum production.

This innovative tool has a retractable lead and an integrated lead sharpener for easy application. On the makeup side, if you simply want to emphasize your natural gaze, all you have to do is apply it to the upper base of your lashes from the inner corner to the outer corner of your eye. For more intensity, do not hesitate to accentuate this line by thickening your line, from the middle of your eyelid to the outer corner of your eyes.

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